The Vision

This vision is for a truly inclusive activity centre that is welcoming for everyone whatever their ability and is born from the lack of such facilities which cater for everyone with a disability and their family and friends, from Child to Adult.

We propose to build an activity centre that will include a large indoor recreation/play area that is equipped with all types of activity equipment that is built or adapted so that everyone whatever their ability can use and enjoy it.

                  Connor enjoying an acessible swing                     Wheelchair accessible roundabout

This will include swings, slides, trampolines and roundabouts to name just a few things.

We will also have a dedicated gymnasium to promote health and fitness and create a home for sporting groups to practice their sports in a setting where the correct purpose built changing facilities are available.

Gentle swinging basket for lying on      Standing see saw      Drag ramp

There will also be meeting / function rooms which can be used for music or drama and the creation of productions from which shows can be presented to the public. Or even running clubs which could be anything from sewing to model making, bird watching to computing. They will also be for parties or even just get togethers for like minded friends.

But importantly they will be comfortable and usable rooms in a setting that is equipped with the comfort of the disabled user in mind by providing toilet facilities that cater for everyone with hoists and changing benches and automatic toilets to name a few items, all of which help to give independance and dignity for disabled family members and friends on a day out that they might not otherwise get without these type of facilities.


                                      Wide slide for carer help

The activity centre will also have a very important part to it, which is the creation of a Cafe / restaurant area which will serve good healthy food and snacks and be accessible for everyone and very importantly will also provide a very valuable source of income for the centre to help promote sustainability.

We would also like the centre to be able to provide daytime carers for families who have a disabled relative so they can enjoy a small amount of respite time to recharge and for the family member who has a disability to have their own time away from their home life and carers in a truly accessible and activity based centre. This service could be paid for by any type of funding the disabled person already recieves for care help (e.g. Direct Payments) but the carers would be employed by the activity centre and would merely pay the activity centre the hourly rate for the time needed and booked.

We would like this activity centre to be open seven days a week and early till late so it truly is a place for all, and to give the same choices and options to all of our disabled and special needs family and friends that everyone else has.

If you would like to know more and see this vision become a reality please do contact us and give us your support and help make it happen.

Kind Regards and thanks for visiting our website

Peter Russ (Chair) "Pembrokeshire Knights" Inclusive Activity Centre.